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Offer: For a limited time only, EcoBin Composter is available at a special price of €199.00. Includes FREE delivery anywhere in Ireland. 

Description: The EcoBin Composter converts food waste and other garden organic material into compost within 6-8 weeks.  The military green colour design makes the steel composter blend into any garden.   The Ecobin is simple to use and comes with a detailed manual of how to operate.  In basic, the owner uses one side of the Ecobin until ¾ full, which will take approx 4-5 weeks for a normal size family.  Each time they open the Ecobin to place food waste in, they need to check if the contents are damp.  If so throw in some wood pellets or wood ash from the fire and then spin the Ecobin 2 times around.  Once one compartment is full, simply use the other.  Then with 6-8 weeks the first compartment’s contents will be compost, ready to use on the flower beds.  

Capacity: 80kg. Material: aluminium. Accepted Contents:  all household food scraps, peels, vegetables, small amounts of grass. For a full list of accepted items refer to the manual.

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